How it Works In A Nutshell.....

As soon as payment has been confirmed your link url will
be placed in our rotator and remain there until you have
5 paid signups... 3 Direct and 2 pass ups.

Also Your sponsor will start promoting your system url

And you do the same for your Direct Downline.
You will see the reason why I promote your link !

A Reverse 2 up system, means that you keep all your
odd referrals [1,3,..] and will be passing up all
your even referrals [2, 4,.....} to your sponsor.

And all your downline will be passing up to you all
their even referrals as well.

The good news is that after the 4th referral is passed
up you keep your 5th referral and all referrals thereafter!

Think of it this way...  

Our system produces 5 referrals for you, 3 you keep
and 2 are passed up.

Then the system produces 5 referrals for just one or
your referrals, 3 they keep and 2 are passed up to you.

Remember, that's only for one of your referrals. and now
You have 3 members that are now each passing up members
to you.

and every time you are getting paid $12.00
into your account instantly!

Can you see how much income potential there is?

If you would like to join a TEAM where we WORK together
to get you paid referrals and are willing to participate
in our collective Advertising System you will have success.

With Our System You have 3 options?

1. You don't have to do anything, the system is fully
automated set up to make it's members money passively.
You need to check your email for messages asking you
to confirm m2m payments.

2. You will be sent the team url all you have to do is
advertise it as much as you can, this will help you
and the team make money quicker, no set limit.

3. You can have access to our Free Marketing System which
will contain your own personal url which will help you
make money even more quickly.

 It's entirely up to you!

Once Started Will Never Stop!

If you want to participate in this  opportunity immediately,



1.   READ  all the info again! 

2.   ENSURE  you understand how it all works

3.  To Sign up...  CLICK HERE!

4.   Then SEND  an email asp to: 

with the exact subject:

 "  JOINED  375CD "

In The body of the email place  your  Name and username and
your sponsor's name and username :

Name:  Rich Stewart         Username:  richstwt

You will receive an email from me within 24-48 hrs 
all instructions related.

Remember,  you will NOT lose any money in this!

GO for it!!

To Our Success

Global Prosperity Marketing Ssystem
all for beating the System