'The Power of 2 (Pay it forward) concept'

One For You and One For Me PIF System!
The above method is a simple but powerful formula for AIOP
Affiliates to launch their income to new levels.

  It is an Extremely Powerful method for building
your AIOP business quickly.
Using the Income Accelerator pif system means stepping up to the plate
in a big way and building your organization quickly with paying 
and productive team members that have specifically requested to
team up with you.
The key to success with the Income Accelerator pif system is to use a
little "trick of the trade" with the compensation plan to get you
in profits faster than usual.
In a nutshell,  you agree to pay for the first month's upgrade
all your new direct and passed-up referrals.
Because of AIOP's Instant referral Bonus,  you will receive nearly all of that
upgrade money back more or less instantly.  So by spending $11.50
to upgrade your new referral,  you get $10.00 back in the form of
your New referral Bonus.
And you will receive an Instant $10.00 from all your passed up referrals!
The deal you make with your new referrals is that they will do
the same.  When they upgrade their own referrals,  not only do
they get the Instant Bonus on those referrals, but your
organization begins to grow VERY quickly as more and more
people see the potential and get involved.
At first glance,  it looks like you're just trading.  But you are
really building a massive team of paid Affiliates and that means
you will be quickly earning a very large (and quickly growing)
 income as your new referrals begin to duplicate this
system of growth.
The main reason most people Quit a team build program is they haven't
received any paying members into their downline so when the time
comes for them to pay for their subscription, they panic, fall under
the spell of the 30 day curse, then cancel their subscription.
Seemingly, the problem for most marketers involved in a team build
is they only focus on marketing, the tendency is to forget
to support those downlines. . .
So what happens when you don't support your downlines?
1. They don't learn what to do.
2. They don't get many signups.
3. They get discouraged.
4. They Quit.
In short, the whole network falls apart.   Plus,
you have just wasted all that time and energy you
put into marketing because you didn't follow it
up by supporting your sign-ups. The essence of
any networking is to
support your signups,  and
their downlines market!!
When you join a networking program (any program,
including AIOP),  one thing that makes it a network
is that you receive commissions on the earnings
of those you bring in-- i.e., your downline.  The
REASON for this is to give YOU,  as their upline,
an incentive to HELP them learn to market. This
is the most effective way for any large group to
maintain a one-on-one exchange.  And I can't think
of any better incentive than a paid commission
from each of their sales.

Let's look at how the AIOP Compensation Plan pays:
Every time you personally refer a new 
active sale AIOP will pay you a $10.00 New referral Bonus.
This is why you can pay $11.50 to sponsor a new member.
This money comes back to you instantly.
Starting in the second month, and every month thereafter
 you get paid $10.00 for each of your Direct Referrals
and $10.00 for all your passed up referrals.
This is the perfect online opportunity to generate a steady cash flow.
Here's How the UNIQUE PIF (pay it forward) system  works?
You Sign Up as a Free Member

Your sponsor pays for your first monthly basic subscription...
Cost $10.00 plus $1.50 processer Fee.

 you now need to buy  2 PIF tickets cost  $23.00...
You need to do this in order to pay for your 1st 2 referrals 
One you keep and one you passup
The first person you refer is placed in your downline
You pif him in.. cost  $11.50 (use your 1st pif ticket
You get a $10.00 bonus paid  into your account instantly
You now have $10.00 in your aiop account!

You will earn $10.00 instantly  when he renews his monthly subscription.
The second person you refer gets passed up to your sponsor.
Use your 2nd pif ticket to pif him in.. cost $11.50,
You don’t earn any money  as that is passed up along
with your referral to your sponsor.
The third person you refer goes in your  downline
You pif him in.. cost $11.50 (use your 3rd pif ticket)
 You get a  $10.00 bonus  paid back into your account instantly.

You will earn $10.00 instantly  when he renews his monthly subscription.
You now have $20.00 in your aiop account!
The fourth person you refer gets passed up to your sponsor.
You buy a pif ticket then  pif him in.. cost $11.50,.
You don’t earn any money  as he/she is passed up along
with your referral to your sponsor. 

As soon as you have referred 4 people  and from this point on,
you ONLY need to promote your referrals links!

Place your Direct referrals links in your rotator

as soon as your referrals have signed up four,
remove them from your rotator

and so on... and so on

The aim being is

to build our monthly
residual income as fast as we can
and help our referrals do the same.

 Once Your downline start working you start
getting  their passed up referrals
 As soon as you receive a passed up referral
Place him in your rotator

You get a $10.00 bonus instantly into your account 
and $10.00 when he renews his monthly subscription.
You will  have $30.00 in your aiop account

What this means is that you can refer a limitless amount of people pif them in
and it won't cost you any further out of pocket expense!
 From now on this $10.00 will come back to you over and over again
no matter how many you PIF for. EVERY referral you pay in from now on
will be using this same $10.00.  Like a boomerang it keeps coming back
to you.  Like a rubber ball it bounces straight back into your account,
over and over and over again. Whether you pay in 1 more or 1000 more you 
will NEVER pay more than you initial $23.00. PRETTY AMAZING, EH?
Now You are probably thinking....
HOW am I ever going to earn money by Paying It Forward?
You Earn $10.00 from every passed up referral plus a recurring monthly 
commission from all the members that land up in your downline 
You are building a TEAM,  and by  supporting your TEAM
you encourage DUPLICATION.
As your downline get to work they all pass up their 2nd and 4th referrals to you.
 and at the end of each month when everyone renews their subscription
 you get paid $10.00  from everyone in your downline.
Look at the example below to see how you can change your financial future in the
coming days or weeks
Power of 4 Residual Example
*You will earn $10.00 instantly from each and every member in your downline.
when they renew their subscription at the end of the month and every
month thereafter!

Let’s say that everyone only gets 4 people their first month and duplicates.
Month 1. . .  You get your 4 signups.

You keep 2 and pass 2 up to your sponsor. (2)
You now have 2 persons in your downline

So 2 X $20.00  =  $20.00 
Month  2.. .  
Your 2 downline get their 4 signups.

They keep 2 and pass 2 up to you (4)
You now have 6 persons in your downline

So 6 X $10.00 = $60.00  + $40 bonus from your pass ups
Month 3. . .  Your 6 downline get their 4 signups. 

They keep 2 and pass 2 up to you (12)
You now have 18 persons in your downline   
So 18 X $10.00 = $180.00 + $120.00 bonus from your pass ups

It gets better

 At any point you can upgrade to a  pro member  

Which will in effect Skyrocket your Income

Pro membership :
All the benefits of the basic level

Cost $20 each month (+ $1.76 processing fee)

$15 per Pro member in your downline
$3 Pro Sponsor bonus for each Pro member sponsored by you

$10 for each Basic member in your downline
The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid to the sponsor even if the referral is passed to upline
The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid only to Pro members who sponsor pro members
Pro Level includes all the Basic level products and services, plus the PRO level products. 
Please visit the AIOP Products page to see the offer  for each  level.
Progressive Monthly Residual Income
What other program can offer that?