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Traffic Generation

"Traffic is Paramount!"

If you can master the secrets of traffic generation you can sell anything
to anybody, anytime, anywhere, and you can make a
DARN good living!

So the basic idea of a Marketing System is simple:

Involve yourself with advertising and promotional
concepts that will accomplish
TWO things:

(1) produce traffic for YOU, and that
(2) you can in turn sell to OTHERS who need traffic.

(And on the Internet, who DOESN'T need traffic!?)

In other words, Don’t dig for gold - Sell the shovels!

In this report we will be looking at the three basic types of traffic
generation on the Internet. While we are analyzing them, think about
the idea of so-called
FREE advertising versus PAID advertising, and
consider this statement:
FREE advertising worked, why would PAID advertising even exist!?"

Traffic,  Traffic,  Traffic!!!

And the only Way to get Traffic is to:-

Promote,  Promote,  Promote!!!

There is one undeniable truth to marketing on the web, you must have
traffic to your website, affiliate program or business opportunity.

You need an unending constant flow of visitors or you will get

You will need to advertise, market and promote your business through
safelists, traffic exchanges, textad exchanges forums,adboards, etc,.
You will need to advertise market and promote your business every day
if  you can, or at the very least every other day ... Without Fail!!

"There are no Real Secrets to making money online What there is....
is a lack of knowledge of how to go about it"






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Of course the Main problem with traffic generation is the cost!

There are only 24 hrs in the day.

Advertising is a costly business.. you have 2 options

You can pay for it, cost you shed loads of cash which will save
you time, but could cause you to run out before your business
gets up and running or....

You can do it for free, takes up a lot of time. but saves
you a lot of money. However most people just haven't got the
time or the money.


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