## A warm Welcome to TeamAIOP2.0 ##


Hello (Propects Name),

A warm Welcome and thanks for showing an interest
in this great opportunity.

We are paying the first 30 days into AIOP for
our prospects for one reason... IT WORKS!  Why?  

The quickest way to Build a Business is to give
some thing of great value... FREE!


The main reason most people Quit a team build program
is they haven't received any paying members into their
downline so when the time comes for them to pay for
their monthly subscription, they panic, fall under the
spell of the 30 day curse, then cancel their subscription.

We have taken the fear out of referring by developing a
complete, innovative, automatic promarketing system which does
99% of the job for you. Coupled with a Pay it forward strategy
which if carried out to the letter will guarantee success.
This is an Easy CAN'T Fail Business Opportunity
which will require a small upfront investment.

If you don't put any money in!
You won't get any money out!

We are operating a Pay It Forward system!

And In order for the PIF system to work properly...
Certain pre-conditions must be met...

you must be prepared to pay for the First Month's basic Upgrade....

2. Make an allowance to pay for your 1st monthly
   subscription which comes due 30 days after you
   first joined.
3. Make a commitment to stick with it for at least
   3 months.


A PIF system managed properly is the quickest way to
build a downline and an Income which will double in
size every month!!

All in One Profits (AIOP) the business you will
involved with is one of the most trustworthy business
platforms on the internet, a business which has been
running for over 9 years.

AIOP provides everything you will need to run an
internet business, ANY internet based business.

AIOP give an INSTANT referral Bonus ($10)
AIOP give an INSTANT passed up referral Bonus ($10)
AIOP give an ongoing monthly Bonus ($10)

You can use your AIOP commissions to buy PIF tickets.(Cost $11.00)
You will only need to buy pif gift certs as and when they are needed!
Commission payments (no limit withdrawal) are every 2 weeks!
Put in a withdrawal request and you will get get your money back!

Total initial Investment required 1 pif tickets... $11.50

When someone uses your pif gift ticket to buy his/her way in YOU
Instantly receive a $10 referral bonus back into your aiop account.

NET cost to you is only $1.50 dollars.

From this point on...you pay for pif tickets on the GO!

You will have $10 in your AIOP commission a/c
You will have 1 Fixed members in your downline!

The perfect ingredients for the ideal PIF System.

The Marketing system is fully automated!
You only need to do one thing and one thing only!
1.  Promote your system pages.
2.  Check your email for PIF requests

We will be working initially in a mini-team format
all which will be explained later in greater detail.

thats all for now.

go back and review all the information you have received
before you make any commitment.

NOTE:   If you are not  prepared to meet the above requirements

Please Do Not proceed any further!

If you do want to proceed
just hit the reply button

    'Send me a  Gift certificate sign up URL ASP'

best regards


If you’re ready to start making money by helping others
make money, then by all means join our team.