Why You Should Build a (Sales) Team and How to Do It

Because it is very difficult to build a paying downline  all by yourself and
it is equally difficult for your sign-ups, as well.
it won't happen if you go it alone!

Too many people have tried and too many have FAILED.


Teambuilding is about helping other people, and by helping
other people you will also earn more and earn faster.
A lot of people are looking for a way to earn an extra
income. You can Help Them by showing them how.

Team aiop2.0pif has solved the biggest problems of large teams
and the long waiting period for their members to get referrals.

Instead of using a Hot Seat concept, with Teamaiop2.0pif each
member will be part of a mini-team

You will not be promoting for hundreds of strangers who joined
before you. You and your immediate upline and downline
will be promoting only for each other.

It's a simple concept and it does work!

How does the mini-Team system work?

Initially Each of our members will be part of a 3 person Team.
Consisting  of a Sponsor plus 2 downline members.

You and your immediate upline and downline
will be promoting only for each other.

The Team Pages every member promotes contains both their own
Team aiop2.0pif referral link and a form to the aiopteampif
AutoResponder. We have a wide variety of Team squeeze pages
that our members can choose to promote.

If someone signs up using the Team aiop2.0pif referral link
the new referral will go immediately into the downline of
that member as their personal fixed referral.

Every single Teamaiop2.0pif member has an equal chance of receiving
referrals from the moment they join.

How do I promote Team aiop2.0pif?

Each member is provided a promotion/advertising page which they can use
to promote a wide variety of splash pages in Traffic Exchanges, Safelists,
Social Media or anywhere else. In addition to  we also provide banners
and pre-written texts for you to use.