EMAIL LETTER (PIF Instructions)


## TeamAIOP2.0 pif instructions


Hi (Name),

Our Team leader is Johnny Eaves:  email:
Our marketing system builder is Paul Leeuwen:  email:
Your Upline sponsor is: (Name):  email: (email address)

You've checked your marketing system
You are ready to advertise
Next step. . . buy a pif ticket asp.

Go to the top of the home page
mouse over referrals
then Click on pif tickets

Now Place this url in your rotator!
I will place your url in my rotator.

Go to the top of the home page
Click on > Tools > Rotator >
place your AIOP Gift link url as shown below > test the rotator <


The system is fully automated so all you have to do
is promote your splash pages.

Inform me immediately that you have bought a PIF ticket!

You will then gain access to the 'AIOP INCOME ACCLERATOR'
this is an extension which can be added to your basic PRO
marketing system consisting of a special set of pages
which will greatly enhance your downline and income.

You only need to promote for yourself and your downline members

The marketing system is set up so that prospects who are interested in
your offer have to send a request to you for a Gift certificate link.

This way you can control to whom you want to give the pif signup link
to in your Fixed downline,

As soon as you receive a request,  send your pif cert link.


The quickest way to build your downline:-

a. You have just joined and you don't have as yet a downline.
b. Go ahead and buy your 1st pif ticket and place it in your rotator
c. You get your first referral (Joe)
   He uses your ticket and He goes into your downline as a fixed member.
   You get paid a $10 instant referral bonus.

You Have 1 fixed member in your downline.
You have $10 in your aiop account.

(YOUR next referral will be passed up to your sponsor)!

You don't need to buy another pif ticket until (Joe) gets his First paid
referral from his pif ticket.

d. Now (Joe) needs to duplicate what you did.

   Joe buys a pif ticket, (you put Joe in your rotator)
   Joe gets his first referral  (Fred)
   Joe gets paid a $10 bonus
   Fred goes into joe's downline

Now Joe has 1 fixed member in his downline
Joe has $10 in his aiop account

Now Joe's next referral will be passed up to you!

Now when either you or Joe receive a request for a gift cert link!
first check to see if joe has bought a pif ticket?
You do this by placing the pif gift cert url with their username in your browser

   It will show a ticket number at the bottom of the page

1. If Joe receives the request he buys a gift cert and sends it to his referral(Fred)
   His referral (Fred) uses it to sign up and is immediately passed up to YOU
   Joe's second referral goes into to your downline and you get paid $10

   YOU then refund Joe by purchasing a pif ticket and transferring it to him
   by way of the tranfer box at the bottom of your pif purchase ticket page.

   Now Joe can use it to pay for his next referral who goes in to his downline.

2. If YOU receive a request and you want to help Joe,  check to see if he has bought
   a pif gift cert, If he has, send Joe's pif cert link to your referral,
   Your referral signs up using Joe's link, and immediately gets passed up to you.
   You get paid the $10. Then go ahead and refund Joe his pif ticket.

3. If Joe hasn't got a gift cert in place.
   Go ahead and buy another pif ticket. Which you Send to joe
   You then use Joe's pif cert url to pay your referral in.
   Your referral(Fred) signs up using Joe's link, and immediately gets passed up to you.
   You get paid the $10.

   you now have $20.00 in your aiop account
   You now have 2 members in your downline

   You can now buy tickets from your aiop cash account (cost $11.00)
   With no further out of pocket expense to you
   this will duplicate down to infinity


NOTE:: all of the people whether they are your fixed referrals or ones that are passed up.
keep them all in your rotator, there pif ticket urls just like this one

When you click the above link it will show whether they have bought a pif ticket.
also you can check your members in your downline page to see whether they
keep or pass up their next next member

That way you will know who has bought pif tickets and who has not.

there is a pause and unpause option on your rotator.
When it is time for you to make money from that person or persons
just unpause them and keep the others on pause.

Don't worry as everything will fall into place


For Your Accelerator Extension pages Link:

Click Here!

For your MAIN PIF Instructions just click on the following Link:

Click Here!

best regards

(Your name)