WELCOME to our AllInOneProfits 2.0PIF Team

Hi (NAME),

Congratulations on taking action today!

Here's a warm welcome to AllInOneProfits and Team AIOP2.0 PIF...

I am (YOUR NAME) , your sponsor in Team AIOP2.0 PIF, I'm a real
 person just like you :-) and I look forward to working together
to build our own AIOP PIF Team! So far my personal experience with AIOP
has been awesome and I can't wait for you to experience the same!

On this page you will find your AIOP marketing funnel instructions:
(Please do not share with others, share only with your own team members!)

OK, lets get you started

Here is your url for the PIF ticket:-

>>>>  http://www.allinoneprofits.com/gift.php?id=(Your id)

This will pay for your first 30 days AIOP membership fee.

Then please click on the following link to
set up your basic TeamAIOP2.0PIF marketing system.


Below the campaign, you will find your 3 funnel pages,
now you can start to promote wherever you can.

Make sure your pages work by subscribing to yourself first!

Remember Before you start promoting buy a pif ticket.

Go to the top of the home page
mouse over referrals
then Click on pif tickets

Now Place this url in your rotator!

Go to the top of the home page
Click on > Tools > Rotator >
place your AIOP Gift link url as shown below > test the rotator <

>>>  http://www.allinoneprofits.com/gift.php?id=(yourID)

The system is fully automated so all you have to do
is promote your splash pages.

Let me know soonest when you are ready to promote and that you
have bought and placed a pif gift certificate in your rotator.
As soon as I receive confirmation I will send you the link for
the  'AIOP Income Accelerator'  extension which you can add to
your personal marketing system which will greatly enhance your
income and your downline! And how the pif system will work in practice.

In case you have any further questions about AIOP or our team
Shoot me an email here: hootsnet@gmail.com

To Team Success & Prosperity...