## A warm Welcome to TeamAIOP2.0 ##


Hi (NAME),

## A warm Welcome to TeamAIOP2.0PIF ##

This is (YOUR NAME) your AIOP Sponsor and many thanks
for showing an interest in our Business opportunity.
Happy to make your acquaintance.


I am paying the first 30 days into AIOP for
our members for one reason... IT WORKS!  Why?  

The quickest way to Build a Business is to give
some thing of great value... FREE!


What we need to know at this stage is that you
are genuinely interested in the AIOP opportunity
and that you will carry out our Pay it forward

Please read all the following info before you make
any commitment.

Most of your questions should be covered here,

Launched in April of 2012, AIOP is an established  
and stable LONG-TERM online business opportunity.

The AIOP2.0 Pay it forward Team Build has just started  
so you have chosen the right time to get involved
in this unique Business Opportunity.

AIOP is basically a Service which has all the
necessary tools to help Marketers promote whatever
business or opportunity or Newsletter or whatever
that they may be currently involved with and develop
a long term residual income.

Also a web services provider that offers products which
enable its customers to build any online business, as
well as offering an extremely powerful compensation
plan that pays an instant referral bonus plus
a 100%  monthly commissions.

It offers a low risk but high payoff potential,

So Why are we using AIOP to create an income online?

AIOP Is NOT a Get Rich Quick Business!
However It is a Get Rich Slow Business!

All In One Profits or AIOP.

First Let's get most of your questions answered.

Just click on the following links:

AIOP - https://allinoneprofits.com/aboutus.php

Product - https://allinoneprofits.com/products.php

Pay Plan - https://allinoneprofits.com/compensation.php


AIOP Affiliate Program

With our affiliate program you can re-sell our products
and earn a percentage as an affiliate commission.  

We have taken the fear out of referring by developing a
complete, innovative, automatic promarketing system which does
99% of the job for you. Coupled with a Pay it forward strategy
which if carried out to the letter will guarantee success.

AIOP Is the most misunderstood program online!  Most
people just cannot seem to get their heads round it.

All In One Profits (AIOP) is in itself an AWESOME program with a
very UNIQUE and POWERFUL compensation plan.. The Even up System!

You Will get everything needed to run ANY Online Business.  

Our Marketing System is basically a Unique Custom Built,  
Ready to go, email follow up, and Sales Funnel System
promoted using selective advertising.

It's job....

  1.  To Build Your List.
  2.  Introduce the  AIOP opportunity to your list.
  3.  Generate sales from your list.
  4.  Create a rapport with your list.
  5.  Help and inform your list how to make Money.

      The System is fully automated
  #  It Introduces Prospects to your Business
  #  It Shows and explains what your business is all about
  #  It follows up with your prospects over a period of time.
  #  It makes the Presentation for you.
  #  It closes the Sale for you!

Our System is an automatic process  

This keeps the system extremely simple for you.  
All you need to do is send traffic to your Splash,
lead capture or land/info pages and watch your
prospects sign up.

Our UNIQUE Marketing System or funnel can be set up,
and ready to go within an hour of you receiving
our set up instructions.

To help sell the aiop opportunity we incorporate a
Pay it forward strategy which will be explained in
greater detail if you go ahead and join our team.

In order to understand the compensation plan you first
need to Understand what the AIOP "Even-Up" system is.
In actual fact it's a 'Buddy, Buddy System whereupon I
help you, then you help me, then everyone helps each other.

The end result..... Everyone makes money... and Quickly!

In the AIOP Even-Up system when you recruit people into your   

   Your First Referral (Odd Number) goes into your Downline.
   Your second referral (Even Number) gets passed up to your upline.
   Your Third referral (Odd Number) goes into your downline.
   Your fourth referral (Even Number) gets passed up to your upline.

You keep all the odd numbered referrals....1,3,5,7,9,
You passup all the even numbered referrals...2,4,6,8,10

   and so and so on.... on to infinity.

The same above applies to YOUR referrals they keep
all their odd referrals and pass up All THEIR EVEN
numbered referrals to YOU!  Without exception!

How PAYING It FORWARD  works in practice.

  'The One for you, One for me PIF system!'

In a nutshell,

In order for the PIF system to work properly...
you must agree to pay for the First Month's Upgrade

AIOP gives an INSTANT referral Bonus ($10)
You can buy PIF Tickets (used for upgrading referrals)
A PIF Gift ticket gives a referral a 30 day free AIOP Subscription
So when someone uses your pif ticket to buy his way in
YOU instantly receive $10 back into your aiop account.

NET cost to you is only one dollar 50 cents

The perfect ingredients for the ideal PIF System

Here's how it works.....

Your sponsor (me) or one of my downline members pays your way in.
You get your Marketing system set up.
You are ready to advertise
You buy 1 PIF ticket the url of which you place in your rotator
You start advertising

Our marketing system is set up so that anyone who wants to join
sends a request by email for a gift certificate link, just as you did.
You receive a PIF gift cert request

You send your gift certificate
Your prospect uses your gift certificate
You Instantly receive a $10 bonus

You now have £10 in your aiop account.
You now have 1 member in your downline!

Your downline members do exactly the same as you

It's a win-win situation

1.  For every direct referral you pif in you get
    your $10 back instantly into to your aiop a/c

2.  For every referral you pif in and pass up you
    get your gift ticket refunded by the member who
    receives the passup.

3.  You then use that gift ticket to pay in your next referral
    who you keep.

You now have £20 in your aiop account.
You now have 2 members in your downline!


You now need to make a decision.  YOU have to decide
RIGHT NOW that you are willing to do everything it
takes to succeed in building YOUR AIOP business.  If
you really want to create a life changing income YOU
MUST understand and DO the following.

First, THIS  WILL TAKE TIME.  You must have patience!
There are many people that will sell hype and lies and
Tell you the heavens will open up in the next 30 days
and you are going to wake up rich by the w/e.  


Like planting a garden, you need time and effort to
make the garden grow.

If you ask me how long it will take?

the truth is I do not know.  But, here is what I know.
Ask yourself this, "If I came into this business isn't
it logical to believe that there is someone else out
there that is looking for life-changing wealth?"  The
answer to that question is YES.  Yes there is.  Your
only job is to go out and find that one and then repeat
this same process over and over.  Your marketing system
will do all of the selling and sorting for you.
You just have to get your sales pages in front of as
many people as you can..

Second, you will have to deal with a lot of tire kickers and
people that join you and then drop out.  I wish I could
just snap my fingers and make it not true but I can't.

This is where most people themselves lose focus and quit!
You have to develop the attitude that...

Some will, some won't,
Some Do, Some don't, so what... NEXT.'

Third, YOU MUST persistently market or advertise your
personalized marketing page EVERY DAY!  If you have a
very busy schedule YOU MUST invest in paid advertising
There is just no getting around this!

Those that tell you that you can just sit around and
do nothing and have your bank account exploding
are not being honest with you.  If you do have time
to manually advertise but do not have a working
understanding of how to successfully advertise online
using free resources, there is a great resource here

https://tehoopla.com/r.cgi/.  It's Free.

Fourth, YOU MUST patiently allow time for the system
to work.
If you still want to participate in this opportunity just say
and I  will send you an email containing the URL of your PIF
Ticket which you can use to upgrade to a basic pro member
plus all instructions needed to set up your marketing system.

A more detailed explanation of how the PIF system works will
be sent to you if and when you take advantage of this offer.

with best intentions


If you’re ready to start making money by helping others
make money, then by all means join our team.