We need an autoresponder that we can set up to automatically add
leads to your Opt-In List, contact your prospects, deliver info etc,
 and to send everyone who asks for your 'Income Accelerator'
 Marketing System to your website!
Most people focus far too much on the traffic issue, but that is
not the problem. The real issue to address is the conversion of
your traffic.

Conversion is a process of turning your traffic into income. It
takes time and often several exposures to a product before you
get a commitment to buy.

You see... the money is not in the list... the money is in the
people's pockets of your list so ....

how do you convert your list of prospects into paying subscribers?.

"The fortune is in the follow-up."

Building your own list of leads is the single most important
activity in online marketing.

Do you have the proper system in place to automatically follow-up
with your leads and convert them to paying customers?

Everything you do should revolve around generating leads by
building your own opt-in list. Whether your list consists of
10,000 people or just a few, no other list will be as responsive
as your own personal email list.

Let me be very blunt on this point...

If you do not have an autoresponder working for you, there is
NO list, NO leads, NO follow-up, NO conversion, and NO INCOME!.  

It's an essential tool that pays for itself many times Over!

Put the 'Income Accelerator' System to work and you can generate
hundreds of dollars in income within a shorter period of time.

For Your AR Set UP Instructions



What to do next after you have received a PIF request!

INITIAL Letter (in reply to their pif request)

Subject:  A warm welcome to TeamPayItForward

Hello ......,

A warm welcome to AIOP and Team PayItForward

and Many thanks for your request for a PIF Ticket

My name is ........... and I am your Sponsor.

What we need to know at this stage is that you
are genuinely interested in the AIOP opportunity
and that you will carry out our Pay it forward

which is:-  

1. On receiving your first referral request.
   You buy a PIF ticket.... Cost to you $11.50
   You send it by email to your first referral.
   Your 1st referral signs up and uses it to
   get their first month Free.
   You get $10.00 paid into your AIOP account instantly.

   You have 1 fixed member in your downline.
   You have $10.00 in your AIOP account.

2. On receiving your second referral request.
   You buy a PIF ticket.... Cost to you $11.50
   You send it by email to your second referral.
   Your 2nd referral signs up and uses it to
   get their first month Free.

   Your second referral gets passed up to your sponsor
   Your sponsor gets paid $10.00 instantly into his AIOP account.
All PIF requests from this point on are passed down to your own
Downline members who do exactly the same as you!

They Pay it forward for their first referral pif request who they keep.
They Pay it forward for their second referral pif request who they pass up to you.

You get $10.00 instantly plus a new member in your downline.

You now have 2 fixed members in your downline.
You have $20.00 in your AIOP account.

Thats it more or less

let me know by return your answer and I will then send you
the PIF link plus all instructions you need to get started.

Anything you're not to sure about let me know


Income Accelerator

Second Letter  (After they have agreed to the conditions in the first letter)

Campaign set up instructions letter

Subject:   Welcome to Team Pay It Forward

Hello ........,

Welcome aboard

Great, lets get you started

Here is your sign up url:-

>>>>  http://www.allinoneprofits.com/gift.php?id={your ID}

This will pay for your first 30 days AIOP membership fee.

Firstly please click on the following link to
set up your basic Team Payitforward marketing system.

>>> http://datalink.aiophosting.com/aiop1/ARhelp.htm

As soon as your system is set up and ready....
test it out!  by opting-in yourself first!

Then send me your

Autoresponder form code

Go to > campaigns and look for our >  TeamPayItForward campaign
and click on > Go  to activate that campaign.

Here you will find your funnel pages.
now you can start to promote wherever you can.

Next>  Mouse over 'Prospects' at the top of the page
Click on 'html form' at the bottom of the drop down menu.

you will see 'The 'Campaign ID' for this campaign is : xxxxxx

send me the six numbered ID.

we need this in order to set up your Income Accelerator funnel pages.
we will inform you by email when these are ready.

Next> when the time comes to buy a pif ticket (to pay for your first referral)

Go to the top of the home page
mouse over referrals
then Click on pif tickets

The system is fully automated so all you have to do
is promote your TeamPIF splash pages or your
income accelerator pages.

thats it for now

If you have any problems or questions about anything
please let me know asp.


Who will get in contact with you

to our success

Team PayItForward
Income Accelerator