Autoresponder Campaign setup for TeamPayItForward

Welcome to our AIOP team!

Now that you joined AIOP let's get you set up with your
marketing system.

1. Log in to your AIOP account.
2. Mouse over the TOOLBOX menu and select Autoresponder.
3. Mouse over Campaigns and select Ready made campaigns.
4. Scroll down to the Copy a campaign section.
5. In the Campaign ID box put Teampayitfoward.
6. In the Campaign name put your name.
7. In the Campaign Email address put your email address.
8. In the User name or ID put YOUR AIOP username.   
9. In the Campaign number box put 86205.
10. Click submit

As soon as the page refreshes your marketing page and
follow up letters will be all set up and ready to go.

To get your letters: Click on 'Autoresponders  >edit autoresponders

go through all your letters this will give you a better
idea on how the system will work.

Test out your system by subscribing to yourself

Next> when the time comes to buy a pif ticket  (to pay for your referrals)

Go to the top of the home page
mouse over referrals
then Click on pif tickets


Our team is paying the first 30 days into AIOP for
our members for one reason... IT WORKS!  Why?  

It is cheap as chips to build your AIOP business this
way because people love getting something for FREE and
every other referral you get to keep and get paid the
100% commissions up front.  As you sign up referrals
and they get going with this system you will be making
money much quicker than any other system online.

To purchase PIF tickets login to your AIOP account,
mouse over the Referrals tab and select PIF tickets.  As
people join you simply log into your account and
purchase another PIF ticket.

The rest is based on a decision.  YOU have to decide
RIGHT NOW that you are willing to do everything it
takes to succeed in building YOUR AIOP business.  If
you really want to create a life changing income YOU
MUST understand and DO the following.

First, THIS  WILL TAKE TIME.  There I said it.  There
are many people that will sell hype and lies and tell
you the heavens will open up in the next 30 days and
you are going to wake up rich.  


Like planting a garden, you need time and effort to
make the garden grow.

If you ask me how long it will take?

the truth is I do not know.  But, here is what I know.
Ask yourself this, "If I came into this business isn't
it logical to believe that there is someone else out
there that is looking for life-changing wealth?"  The
answer to that question is YES.  Yes there is.  Your
only job is to go out and find that one and then repeat
this same process over and over.  Your marketing system
does all of the selling and sorting for you.  You just
have to get your page in front of people.

Second, you will deal with a lot of tire kickers and
people that join you and then drop out.  I wish I could
just snap my fingers and make it not true but I can't.
This is where most people themselves lose focus and
quit.  You have to develop the attitude that... 'Some
Some will, some won't, Do Some don't so what... NEXT.'

Third, YOU MUST persistently market or advertise your
personalized marketing page EVERY DAY!  If you have a
very busy schedule YOU MUST invest in paid advertising
resources.  There is just no getting around this my
friends.  Those that tell you that you can sit around
and do nothing and have your bank account exploding
are not being honest with you.  If you do have time
to manually advertise but do not have a working
understanding of how to successfully advertise online
using free resources, there is a great resource here

Fourth, YOU MUST patiently allow time for the system
to work.

Let me know if you have questions.

Have an Awesome Day!
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Income Accelerator