Compensation Plans

The 2 Even-UP Power System

Starting with a very affordable Start-up cost, you can
now become the owner of a Platform that allows you to
start an amazing journey with only $12 and, through
the power of Accelerated Leverage and Geometric Growth,
you could be in a position to achieve any level of success you desire.

Infinity Referral Commissions!

Here's How it Works:-

 When you recruit people into your Downline:

Your 1st Referral Goes Into Your Downline.
Your 2nd Referral is passed up Into Your Sponsor's Downline.
Your 3rd Referral Goes into Your Downline.   
Your 4th Referral is passed up into Your Sponsor's Downline

Lets begin with you and four affiliates you find yourself or
your sponsor or built-in system finds for you

Customers  #1 and #3  are yours paying you  $10  each per month
Total commissions earned ....  2 x $10 = $20

Customers  #2 and #4  are passed up to your sponsor

The 2 affiliates you kept  (#1 and #3)
go out and get their 4,  #1 and #3  they keep and
pass up  #2 and #4  to you

You have now earned  $20  from the original  #1 and #3
Plus an additional  $4  from their  #2 and #4  sales up to you


Here's where it gets really exciting -- the ingenious twist
that makes this system work so well...

Starting from your 5th direct referral and onwards there is
no more passing up from you.

All your direct referrals are yours to keep and they will pass 'their second and
fourth sale' up to you, they would also have their downline pass up
All  'their second and fourth sales'  to you.

this carries on to infinity

So With just 4 sales, this plan will double your commissions for every
level of depth  IN EVERY PAYLINE to INFINITY!

THAT'S   $40,  $80,  $160,  $320,  $640,  $1,280,  $2,560

then on and on until INFINITY!

Once Activated  will never Stop Churning out
Unlimited, Unstoppable, Recurring Cashflow!
Discover How easy this unique concept
Will make you a small fortune!
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