'The Power of 1 concept'

  A simple but powerful formula for AIOP
Affiliates to launch their income to new levels. 

With AIOP:- You keep all the Odd numbered referrals and
You pass up all the Even numbered referrals to your Sponsor to infinity.

ALL members in your Downline without exception have
to pass up their even numbered referrals to you


You get paid $10 Instant new referral bonus instantly into your accounts
and You get paid
$10 commission monthly from each of your members in your downline.


An upline  that does not support its downline is worthless,
Always remember, in network marketing, you succeed by
helping the people you sponsor into the business succeed.

The main reason most people Quit a team build program is they haven't
received any paying members into their downline so when the time
comes for them to pay for their subscription, they panic, fall under
the spell of the 30 day curse, then cancel their subscription.
Seemingly, the problem for most marketers involved in a team build
is they only focus on marketing, the tendency is to forget
to support those downlines. . .
So what happens when you don't support your downlines?
1. They don't learn what to do.
2. They don't get many signups.
3. They get discouraged.
4. They Quit.
In short, the whole network falls apart.   Plus,
you have just wasted all that time and energy you
put into marketing because you didn't follow it
up by supporting your sign-ups. The essence of
any networking is to
support your signups,  and
their downlines market!!
When you join a networking program (any program,
including AIOP),  one thing that makes it a network
is that you receive commissions on the earnings
of those you bring in-- i.e., your downline.  The
REASON for this is to give
YOU,  as their upline,
an incentive to HELP them learn and Earn.
is the most effective way for any large group to
maintain a one-on-one exchange.  And I can't think
of any better incentive than a paid commission
from each of their sales.

The key to success with  our system is to use a little
 "trick of the trade" which 'tweaks' the compensation
plan getting you into profit much faster than usual


We concentrate on building our downline and

our downlines downline

by recycling the $10 instant referral bonus from AIOP

Instead of passing people up we pass them down!

BY  helping your downline members make money!

You will make money and they will remain in the Program

If and when a prospect wants to sign up they must send an email to the
person who will be sponsoring him asking for a PIF GIFT link
this gives the sponsor the power to send his referral to someone
in his downline who most needs the referral.


As soon as you get your 1st referral you help him/her
get their first 4 referrals 2 of which will be passed up to you!

by doing this you keep all your referrals and all your passups.

Same With AIOP we reverse the normal process and instead of passing up
our referrals we pass them down to our downline members.

We use a PIF strategy with AIOP to encourage potential prospects.
They send a request for a PIF link which will give them  30 days FREE membership.

How Our AIOP PIF System Works:

You buy a PIF Ticket cost $11.50 which you use to pay for your first referral

You get Paid a $10 new referral bonus instantly into your account!

Your new referral can now access the AIOP2.0PIF Marketing system.

Which they can use to promote the System

All your referrals requests from now on you pass down to your downline.

as soon as you start receiving passups from your downline PIF them In
and they will become a member of your downline

You will receive the $10 referral bonus instantly into your account!

At this point you will have $20 in your aiop account which you can
now use to buy pif tickets (no more out of pocket expense)

Buying a ticket using your account commissions only costs $11.00

For example you buy a pif ticket using the money in your account
cost $11.00,  you now have $9.00 in your account

you get your $10 instant referral bonus.  you now have $19.00 

you pay for another ticket cost $11.00,  you now have $8.00
you get your $10 instant referral bonus.  you now have $18.00

You just keep recycling the $10 instant referral bonus

This means that you can PIF referrals to infinity without ever
incurring any further out of pocket expense!

By Helping your downline make money...  You will make money.

Get Started NOW!

And Contact your sponsor for a Sign up link