Compensation Plan Part 1

The 2UPPowerplay System

Starting with a very affordable Start-up cost, you can
now become the owner of a Platform that allows you to
start an amazing journey with only $20 and, through
the power of Accelerated Leverage and Geometric Growth,
you could be in a position to achieve any level of success you desire.

Infinity Referral Commissions

With just 4 sales, this plan doubles your commissions for every
level of depth IN EVERY PAYLINE to INFINITY!

THAT'S  $40, $80, $160, $320, $640, $1,280, 2,560

and on and on until INFINITY!

Here's where it gets really exciting -- the ingenious twist that makes this
system work so well...

Starting from your 5th direct referral there is no more
passing up from you.

All your direct referrals are yours to keep and they will pass 'their second and
fourth sale' up to you, they would also have of their downline pass
up 'their second and fourth sale' to you.




In the basic AIOP Even-Up system when you recruit people into your Downline:

Your 1st Referral Goes Into Your Downline.
Your 2nd Referral is passed up Into Your Sponsor's Downline.
Your 3rd Referral Goes into Your Downline.   
Your 4th Referral is passed up into Your Sponsor's Downline

and then carries on to infinity

The NetworkersList Funnel is built with the All In One Profits marketing tools, maybe you
haven't even heard the most exciting part about
"All In One Profits"!

The best part is that AIOP gives you the opportunity
to earn unlimited,  residual income!

EVEN BETTER If you do join NetworkersList as a Pro Member
We will give you your

To help you as an AIOP affiliate, we have a dynamic, lucrative and effective
affiliate and partner plan, leveraging the power of multiple infinity sales lines.

For each basic member in your pay-line, you'll earn $10 instant bonus  and you'll
receive $10 per month for each member.

That doesn't sound like much at first, but over time and by adding just a few members to
your pay-line a week you could be earning a very lucrative unlimited income!

Please watch this AIOP compensation-plan video...

We Have successfully combined Networkers List & All In One profits!

Both programs have affordable and very lucrative compensation plans
Join us in our success and start using our
Networkers List funnel

Because of the Combination of 2 similar Lucrative Pay Plans
we have put together a financial/referral strategy which
will guarantee a great income for everyone who take
part in this great opportunity!

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