Please read the following short report very carefully. 
In doing so you will discover...


that is insanely powerful thanks to the whirlwind synergy
of a few simple factors all pulling together.

The end result is an explosive way to turn this little
report into a non-stop personal fortune for yourself,
THIS YEAR - and the next - and the next.

1. Simplicity Is The Key
2. 'Free' Draws The Crowds
3. The Numbers Game

These 3 simple concepts are going to turn this report
into pure gold for you. Before telling you how it all
works, I'm going to explain each of those 3 concepts
very briefly ...

   Simplicity Is The Key ...

And even more so on the Internet. The easier it is,
the more money you will make. It's as simple as that!

Complicate things for people and you doom the idea
before it gets off the ground. Make it easy and it
will explode like a wildfire on a hot, windy day.

This "system" is so simple that only THREE short, easy
steps are needed to activate the process. That's all.
THREE simple steps and you, and everyone who joins
you are on a roll immediately.

That's the first thing that gives my "system" its
proven pulling power.


   'Free' Draws The Crowds ...

What's the fastest way possible to spread the word
about something on the Internet?

Answer: Make it Free and give people a powerful reason
to spread the word about it. That's all there is to it.

Make your free offer attractive and people are going to
ask for it just to at least check it out. You're reading
this aren't you?  There's your proof.


   The Numbers Game...

The numbers game says that if you get enough people to
look at something that offers money, love or long life,
a fair number of those people are going to follow it
through and take you up on it.

With my "System", the attraction is money, and all you
need is a few like-minded PEOPLE to take you up on it.

Just a Few ... that's it.

One - Two - Three... Finished!


When you promote the webpage giving away this free
report, it's sure that a certain number of people are
going to request it.

Out of those, a certain number of people are going to
join you.

That's all there is to it.

But don't be fooled by the sheer simplicity of it.
This simple numbers game is much more powerful, and goes
far beyond your own personal effort however. You will
multiply your small effort into the efforts of thousands
of people. All by using a simple, fast system that leaves
nothing to chance and creates profits on auto-pilot.


There are FOUR key features that will make anything
work incredibly fast and be insanely profitable.

1. The initial offer must be FREE.

2. The entire concept must be simple - so simple that
    new people on the net can do it.

3. The system must be complete - plug it in and let it
    run on its own. No maintenence - nothing else required
    to make it work.

4. There MUST be a product - a VERY, VERY GOOD
    product, a product that people on the Internet NEED
    and desperately WANT.

 If you can build those four simple concepts into one program
 or "system", you've got a money-maker on your hands.
And that's what the form you filled out and this report does.

And the product that this report promotes is one that
everyone reading this Needs anyway. These are the
ingredients of true, continuing wealth on the Internet.

When you join my system, you need to do just two things...

1. Sign up for the program this report promotes

2. Promote the personalized Web Pages that are 
    generated for you.

That's it! The "System" takes care of the rest.

There's nothing else to it.

Now we need to talk about what this is - or is not

If you're like me, you're fed up with pre-launch this,
and pre-launch that, this matrix, that matrix, here an MLM,
there an MLM, sign up here, sign up there, sign up almost

I want to tell you about a new trend on the net that
you might not be aware of.  It's called.........

   "progressive Residual Income".

And that describes it perfectly, because it really IS a
(guaranteed) WIN-WIN situation and the profit is being
made so quickly that you'll not believe it.

This program is making people incredible short-term AND
long-term Income on the Internet in record time.

If you've got this far, do yourself a HUGE favor and hear
me out before making a decision.

"Progressive Residual Income" simply means that this is an
opportunity that will give you an immediate profit
without selling, without talking.

THAT'S how powerful it is.


 It's only once in a blue moon that an earner like this is
just presented to you on a plate.

 There was a need to create a drop-dead-simple "system" that
anybody could use and really set this thing on fire.

And that's exactly happened. And this report, the form
and the follow-up system that will work for you is the result.

And what makes the process so powerful is the ease with
which it works. The newest of the new people on the net
can get going with this without knowing anything about
html, cgi or anything else.

It's Simple - and it's that very simplicity that gives
it its power. It's that very simplicity that will make
you and me both a Lot of money, and do it very quickly.

Please don't pass over what I've told you so far without
much thought. Though it may be easy to make my system
work, it took years of Internet and Marketing experience to
pinpoint, refine and develop this simple idea.

Sometimes the most simple things that stare us in the face
are the hardest to find. The single most important thing
I've learned over the years is that simple makes money.

The end result is a gem of Internet Ingenuity that is now
being copied by the wise and the great!

Pre-made, ready to go, plugin and profit, all these things
make the most money. People want it all done for them, and
that is what gives this simple "system" the power to make
you as much money as you need - short term and long term.

The whole idea is this: Join the program, and we straight
away provide you with your very own Instant-Profit web based
system containing the same form that you just submitted, except
that it holds. . . YOUR ID.

That's the whole thing.

That's all you do.

You can promote your Instant-Profit page, or you can host
the form on your home page, or you can turn it into a
pop-up window.

You can add it to your rotator if you have one,
or you can set it as the target URL if you are surfing
for credits.

You can advertise it to your safelists or you can
include it on your TE pages.

Any way you can promote your Instant-Profit web page or that
form is going to earn you more money than you can imagine!

Are you ready?

Here are the simple steps...

Go to this Web Page:


  and read the information presented

 Take your time and let the info sink in.

It's stupendous!

 no preconditions, no weasel clauses, no false promises,
 no here-today-gone-tomorrow, no puff, no smoke, no mirrors,
 no bull, just lots of honest instant advice and profit
 straight into Your pocket for you to spend.

 It's like having a 10:1 odds-on favorite in a one-horse
 race with all the prize money going into your pocket!

 There simply are no losers! Everyone wins - the horse,
 the jockey, the owner, the trainer, the bookmaker,
 the punter. Heck, even the car-park attendant gets a cut!

 It's the only true win-win situation I've ever come across.
 And it can be yours...... Right Now

 You will have your own personal web page to promote, and
  also I Will send you complete instructions to set up this

 Amazing Cash-generating system.

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 Now you will automatically duplicate exactly what I am
doing, to build an enviable   Unlimited Instant Profit.

That's it!   You're done.

Don't let the simplicity of this fool you. The power of
this is in the simplicity.

You have the opportunity to make up to $anything$ per
year with this simple system and, after your initial
effort, do it all on auto-pilot like I did.
The simple fact is that there are hundreds of thousands
of people struggling to find that elusive Internet wealth.

Internet companies come and go like ships in the night.

Most of them seem to sink out of sight eventually. Many
of them don't even have a product to sell. They are often
nothing more than a pyramid scheme with a different name.

It's written in stone!

Do you see the sparkling, simple beauty of it?

The writing is already on the wall.  It is going to
be huge and long-term profitable for a whole lot of
people and I intend for you and me to among them.

There is no waiting on postal mail.
No meetings.
No trying to convince relatives of anything.
It's blazing fast and downright "simple".

Get into profit right now, and forever.

That's it!   After that,  I'm going to put you on autopilot.


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