'The Power of 1 concept'

  A simple but powerful formula for AIOP
Affiliates to launch their income to new levels. 

Compensation Plan


Starting with a FREE 30 DAY PASS, you can now become
the owner of a Platform that allows you to start an
amazing journey and, through the Power of
Accelerated Leverage and Geometric Growth,
you could be in a position to achieve any level of success you desire.

Infinity Referral Commissions!


We are paying the first 30 days into AIOP for our
prospects for one reason... IT WORKS!  Why?  

The quickest way to Build a Business is to
GIVE some thing of great value... FREE!


We have taken the fear out of referring by developing a
complete, innovative, automatic promarketing system which does
99% of the job for you. Coupled with a Pay it forward strategy
which if carried out to the letter

will guarantee success.

AIOP Is the most misunderstood program online!  Most
people just cannot seem to get their heads round it.

All In One Profits (AIOP) is in itself an AWESOME program with a
very UNIQUE and POWERFUL compensation plan..

Unlimited  [Even up]  Powerline System which can
Easily Turn $10 into a HUGE RESIDUAL INCOME!

A PayPlan That Blows Away All Other Matrix and Cycler Programs!

In order to understand the compensation plan you first
need to Understand what the AIOP "Even-Up" system is.
In actual fact it's a 'Buddy, Buddy System whereupon I
help you, then you help me, then everyone helps each other.

In the AIOP Even-Up system when you recruit people into your   

Your First Referral (Odd Number) goes into your Downline.
Your second referral (Even Number) gets passed up to your upline.
Your Third referral (Odd Number) goes into your downline.
Your fourth referral (Even Number) gets passed up to your upline.

You keep all the odd numbered referrals....1,3,5,7,9,
You passup all the even numbered referrals...2,4,6,8,10

The same above applies to YOUR referrals they keep
all their odd referrals and pass up All THEIR EVEN
numbered referrals to YOU!  Without exception!

THIS carries on to infinity

To help sell the AIOP opportunity we incorporate a
Pay it forward strategy which provides a method of
making money very quickly indeed.

The key to success with  our system is to use a  "trick of the trade"
 which 'tweaks' the compensation plan which helps to get
you into profit much faster than usual.




If and when a prospect wants to sign up they must send an email to the
person who will be sponsoring him/her asking for a PIF GIFT link
this gives the sponsor the power to send his referral to someone
in his downline who most needs the referral.



How it works in practice.

In order for the our PIF system to work properly...
you must  pay for the First Month's Upgrade


AIOP gives an INSTANT referral Bonus of ($10)

You can buy PIF Tickets (Cost $11.50) (used for upgrading referrals)
A PIF Gift ticket gives a referral a 30 day free AIOP Subscription

So when someone uses your pif ticket to pay his/her way in
YOU instantly receive
$10 back into your aiop account.

NET cost to you is only $1.50

The perfect ingredients for the ideal PIF System

Here's How the PIF system works in practice:-

You use your sponsor's gift ticket to upgrade in aiop
You buy a pif gift cert asp and place it in your rotator

You get your first referral (JOE) who uses your pif ticket,
he goes into your downline as a fixed referral.
You get paid

You now have 1 fixed member in your downline
You now have
$10 in your aiop account!

Your  next referral will be passed up to your sponsor.


Joe Buys a pif ticket and places it in his rotator

 Joe get his first referral (FRED)

Joe gets paid $10

Joe has 1 Fixed member in his downline
Joe has
$10 in his aiop account!


Joe's  next referral will be passed up to you

 You or Joe get another pif request

IF it's Joe

He buys a pif ticket and pays his referral in (SUE)

SUE gets passed up to you
You get paid the $10 bonus
You then refund Joe's pif ticket
which he can use to pay for his next referral

Joe Keeps his next referral


IF it's You

You use Joe's pif ticket to pay Sue in OR.....

You can buy a pif ticket and transfer your pif ticket to Joe
You then use Joe's pif ticket url to pay for your prospect (SUE)
Joe's next referral (SUE) gets passed up to you
and you get paid $10

Joe Keeps his next referral

You now have 2 members in your downline
You now have
$20 in your aiop account!

From this point on .... NO more out of pocket expense
You  use the money in your aiop account to pay for all your gift certs (cost $11.00)

Now when your downline members start paying for their subscriptions

You will be paid $10 each and every month!


At this point you will have $40 in your aiop account which you can
now use to buy pif tickets (no more out of pocket expense)

Or pay for you monthly subscription!

HOW we recycle the $10 instant referral bonus from AIOP

Buying a ticket using your account commissions only costs  $11.00


For example:   you buy a pif ticket using the money in your account cost $11.00

you now have $29.00 in your account
You use your pif ticket it to pay for a referral

you get your $10 instant referral bonus.
you now have $39.00 in your account

You buy another pif ticket cost $11.00
You use your pif ticket it to pay for a referral

you get your $10 instant referral bonus.
you now have $38.00

You just keep recycling the $10 instant referral bonus

This means that you can PIF referrals practically forever without ever
having to incur any further out of pocket expense!

You just keep repeating the Process

The magic starts when your downline members start renewing their subscriptions

Then  your Residual income Kicks in

Everytime your downline members renew their monthly subscription

You Get Paid $10

This will duplicate down to infinity.

a hint for you: all of the people whether they are your fixed referrals or ones that you passed up.
keep them all in your rotator, there pif ticket urls just like this one:,


That way I know who has bought pif tickets and who has not. there is an option to pause or unpause.
When it is time for you to make money from that person or persons,
just unpause them and keep the others pause.

Some of your downline may drop out, if they have any downline they will go into your downline.


An upline  that does not support its downline is worthless,
Always remember, in network marketing, you succeed by
helping the people you sponsor into the business succeed.

The main reason most people Quit a team build program is they haven't
received any paying members into their downline so when the time
comes for them to pay for their subscription, they panic, fall under
the spell of the 30 day curse, then cancel their subscription.
Seemingly, the problem for most marketers involved in a team build
is they only focus on marketing, the tendency is to forget
to support those downlines. . .

So what happens when you don't support your downlines?

1. They don't learn what to do.
2. They don't get many signups.
3. They get discouraged.
4. They Quit.

In short, the whole network falls apart.   Plus,
you have just wasted all that time and energy you
put into marketing because you didn't follow it
up by supporting your sign-ups. The essence of
any networking is to support your signups,  and
their downlines market!!

When you join a networking program (any program,
including AIOP),  one thing that makes it a network
is that you receive commissions on the earnings
of those you bring in-- i.e., your downline.  The
REASON for this is to give YOU,  as their upline,
an incentive to HELP them learn and Earn. This
is the most effective way for any large group to
maintain a one-on-one exchange.  And I can't think
of any better incentive than a paid commission
from each of their sales.