Here's how it works.....

1.   Setting Up your marketing system funnel

Your sponsor (me) or one of my downline members pays your way in.
You receive your marketing instructions
You set up your Marketing system .
You check your marketing system
You are ready to advertise
You buy 1 PIF ticket

Go to Home page> REFERRALS> PIF Tickets> Purchase ticket.

Place the url of your PIF ticket in your rotator.

Go to home page> TOOLBOX> ROTATOR

You start your advertising campaign!


*Our marketing system is set up so that anyone who wants to join
sends a request by email for a gift certificate link,
This gives you control to whom you want the gift cert sent to.


2.   On Receiving a PIF gift cert request

What to do when You receive a PIF gift cert request by email

Hit reply and send him/her your Initial enquiry letter

For initial enquiry email letter.... CLICK HERE!

you receive confirmation that they want to proceed

You send an email with your gift certificate URL + Funnel Instructions
Your prospect uses your gift certificate
You Instantly receive a
$10 bonus

For Marketing Funnel instructions email....CLICK HERE!

He/She reply and inform you that they are ready and have bought a gift cert

3.   You then send them  'How the PIF system works'  email.

For PIF system email....CLICK HERE!

For Your PIF  'How it works'  Page:


You now have £10 in your aiop account.
You now have 1 member in your downline!

Your downline members do exactly the same as you
they set up their marketing system
they buy a pif gift cert
they place it in their rotator.

they advertise

All your advertising from now on is directed to helping your downline

you get another request for a gift cert!

check to see if your downline member has bought a pif ticket?
You do this by placing the gift  ticket url with his username in your browser.


OR by clicking the links in your rotator:


you will see instantly if he has bought a pif ticket

The ticket Number will show at the bottom of the page

If he has send HIS gift cert ticket url to the second person you have referred
the second person you have referred uses it to pay his way in.

The first member in your downline gets the $10 referral bonus
and 1 member in HIS downline


IF HE HASN'T send an email saying that you have a referral for him/her
and if he can buy a pif ticket he will be able to get a downline member
and  a $10 referral bonus paid instantly into his account.

OR you can buy a PIF ticket and send it to your second referral
He pays his way in!
now because he is your second referral
he gets passed up to your sponsor

Your sponsor gets the $10 referral bonus and
another member in his downline.

Your sponsor refunds your pif ticket asp which
you can then use to pay your next referral in.


How To Pay It Forward On The Go

The moment you get a PIF request, you look in your downline for members who

are currently on passed-up,



If it says KEEP       (Your downline member keeps his next referral)
If it says PASSED-UP  (Your downline member Passes up his next referral to his sponsor)

then you go to PIF Tickets and buy one,

OR you can pass him/her on to your downline

next you replace your username with the username of the team member who is on passed-up.
Now you send the PIF link with the same passed-up username to your prospect.
This way your new PIF member will only cost you one dollar, and your team member is now
keeping his or her next referral ..... so this works perfectly for both of you...

Go to REFERRALS> Then PIF Tickets> and buy one.

Go down to the bottom of the page and you will see this image


replace your username with the username of the team member who has passed-up

then click update.



FOR TRAFFIC HELP PAGE....CLICK HERE! (under construction)