97% of people give up or FAIL!  Simply because they can't  SELL!

The majority of Internet business models are Sales Driven Systems.  
If you do not sell, you do not get paid!...PERIOD!!.

Networking success is about MAKING MONEY via growing a “Downline”.
and one can only achieve this success by seemingly  possessing the
persuasive or influencing ability to SELL to others. And usually to
a big audience - Consistently, And do it long enough for
 Networking success to kick in.

So let’s spotlight the #1 problem in MLM:


From a “SELLING” standpoint: If you take (any) batch of 100
people and ask them, almost all of them will tell you that
they either:

a) Don’t know how to sell,
b) No good at selling,
c) Reluctant or Afraid of selling,
d) Haven't got the time to sell

Now imagine trying to get “this 97%” to try and sell to the
“other 97%” of the people whom further cannot sell !

The Mind Boggles!

It’s really an “epidemic” problem out there. Now, try and also
imagine doing this by competing with the hundreds and hundreds
of Business “Opportunities” and programs that are currently out there!

Over 97% fail in Networking simply Because They think they CANNOT sell.

Over 97% are NOT Professional Salesmen.  So the odds are
stacked against Them straight from the start, and this is why
Only less than 3% succeed.

The biggest drawback with Internet cash generating ventures
and their marketing techniques is the lack of actual step by
step instructions on how it should be done.

97% of all business opportunities or programs fail to include a
sound blueprint or business plan into the overall scheme of things.

Nearly all of them Fail to tell you the "whole story"  they just
tell you how much money you will be able to make....

NOT How you will be able to make it!!

In the offline world...

• We hire an Attorney when we need legal representation.
• We hire a Doctor when we need our health/Bodies fixed.
• We hire Engineers & Architects to build for us.

So Why Not Hire a Professional or a System to build our Network
Marketing Business – For us?

In the world of Networking,  and for the obvious Profession that it is Direly-Needed;
A Professional Salesmen or System for Hire was never available.
Until now…

I am very happy to say that we do have An Automated-Opportunity...

  The Aiop Income Accelerator

  Which Harnesses The Power Of  Networking

  But Without The Inherent Headaches of Networking

SO in order To have any chance of Success online

you will need to be a member of a Team!
you will need a Professional marketing system!


So our approach is to provide a simple system whereby the weakest,
most timid souls in your organization are not expected to do
ANYTHING that they cannot do.

Using an exact set of easy duplicatable tasks, everyone's FOCUS is
the same, using Targeted advertising (NO SELLING) of generating
email addresses of people who WANT an opportunity to make money.

This is where  AIOP's Income Accelerator completely automated System
takes over, everyone and the weakest member of your team and YOU
will never have the responsibility of closing a sale.

It's like having your own personal army of High-tech robots building
your business for you, just feed them the right info point them in
the right direction and watch them go to work.

The AIOP Income Accelerator is a Sponsoring and recruiting system
designed to build your downline in one of the hottest home Businesses
on the internet today!


 As a member of our Group, we will provide you with one of
 the very best advertising and marketing systems that will
 do all of the hard work for you.


 We will give you at no cost, a complete system to promote
AIOP business.

You get everything needed to run an Online Business. A 
powerful newly designed and unique Marketing System
that will help Explode your Downline and income FAST...

Specially Built ... Just For You

Set Up...  Hosted...  And Ready To Go Within 24 hrs

Turning a tiny investment into a huge income! ... FAST!


The Accelerator System is basically a Unique Custom Built,  Ready to go, email
 follow up,  and Sales Funnel System promoted using selective advertising.

It's job....

  1.  To Build Your List.
  2.  Introduce the  'AIOP'  opportunity to your list.
  3.  Generate sales from your list.
  4.  Create a rapport with your list.
  5.  Help and inform your list how to make Money.

            The System is fully automated
  #  It Introduces Prospects to your Business
  #  It Shows and explains what your business is all about
  #  It follows up with your prospects over a period of time.
  #  It makes the Presentation for you.
  #  It closes the Sale for you!

The AIOP Income Accelerator is a manual process,  this means
your system has to be created for you.

This keeps the system extremely simple for you.  All you need to
do is send traffic to your Splash, lead capture  or land/info page
and watch your referrals sign up.

Your UNIQUE Marketing System can be set up, Fully Hosted
and ready to go within
24/48 hrs .


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