How it Works In A Nutshell.....

Please Read all the  information.

Join AIOP.

The cost to you a One-Time  $3.75  that's it!

You won't have to spend a penny more from your own Money!

We will be using collective/individual advertising.

As soon as payment has been confirmed your link url will
be placed in our rotator and remain there until you have
4 paid signups... 2 Direct and 2 pass ups.

Also Your sponsor will start promoting your system url

And you do the same for your Direct Downline.
You will see the reason why I promote your link !

An even  up system, means that you keep all your
odd referrals [1,3,..] and will be passing up all
your even referrals [2, 4,.....} to your sponsor.

And all your downline will be passing up to you all
their even referrals as well.

The good news is that after the 4th referral is passed
up you keep the 5th referral and
all referrals thereafter!
Think of it this way...  

Our system produces 4 referrals for you,  2 you keep
2 are passed up.

Then the system produces 4 referrals for each of your

referrals, 2 they keep and 2 are passed up to you.

  now you have 4 paid members that are now
passing up members to you!

and each time you  get paid $10.00  into your account
instantly plus $10.00 every month for each Member!

Can you see how much income potential there is?

If you would like to join a TEAM where we WORK together
to get you paid referrals and are willing to participate
in our collective Advertising System you will have success.


In simple terms,  AIOP is a Fast Start income Generator

Founded in 2012, pretty young but ambitious, All In One Profits
integrates a suite of essential web tools, products, services and
advertising, including professional web hosting and autoresponder.

IE: All The Tools Needed To Run Any Internet Business.

PLUS:- A Compensation Plan Second To None!

Providing you with a super Residual Income.


In order to understand this business you first need to  
Understand what an "Even-Up" system is.
In actual fact it's a 'Buddy, Buddy System whereupon I
help you, then you help me, then everyone helps each other.

The end result..... Everyone makes money... and Quickly!

In the AIOP Even-Up system when you recruit people into your   

   Your First Referral (Odd Number) goes into your Downline

   Your second referral (Even Number) gets passed up to your sponsor

   Your Third referral (Odd Number) goes into your downline

   Your fourth referral (Even Number) gets passed upto you sponsor
    and so it goes on.

The same above applies to YOUR recruits.  All THEIR EVEN  
referrals Will be passed up to YOU!

Cost $11.50 (Monthly).. 

From Each member you get paid:-

$10.00   Fast Start Bonus (Instantly into your Business A/C.

$10.00   From each member that is passed up.

$10.00   Commission each and every month.

You continue to advertise CD Pro...

and so it goes on and on and on.......

Once Started Will Never Stop!

" Cash Development Pro"

If you want to participate in this  opportunity immediately,



You Will need  start money

$11.50 for a pif ticket to pay in  your 1st referral


[] You Get $10.00 back Immediately from your 1st Referral  []